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January 11 2018


Floral Alternatives to Valentine Roses

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There are many who would argue that there are no viable alternatives to selecting roses as flowers for Valentine's Day. Roses are traditional and several options for sprays, vases, and paper wrapped bouquets are available for the staunch traditionalists. Limited the selection to only roses leaves out beautiful, fragrant, and often more cost-effective possibilities.

Why Not Roses?

Roses are exquisite and express deep love and devotion so giving them to a loved one from Tampa to Alaska is never a bad idea. It simply is not the only idea. Those who are honest about it realize roses can actually seem ordinary as Valentine's flowers. There is zero thought or creativity involved and the majority of the population will be getting them as Valentine's Day Flowers.

Match Flowers to Personality

Consider different attributes of the loved one and let the imagination make the final choice. Someone who is fearless and daring may enjoy the challenge of keeping a live orchid plant healthy. Orchids are quite delicate and require specific maintenance. Birds of Paradise is a prefect flower for an exotic and wild significant other.

A lively spring bouquet matches a care-free and joyful personality. A cactus garden is ideal for the person who loves plants but may not have a green thumb. If the recipient has a favorite flower, such as daisies, carnations, or lilies, a bouquet of those will be a bit more personal than a dozen roses. Pair it with a few balloons and bright ribbon for a stunning presentation.

Have Fun with the Container

Vases come in all shapes and sizes so look for one that is unique. Experienced florists will have a wide variety of vases. They will also have several options for other containers. Baskets are fun and more versatile than vases once the flowers are taken out. These can be used to hold fruit, become home decor, or be placed on an entryway table to hold mail and keys.

Over-sized cups will be used over and over again, as will containers made out of tin or wood. An arrangement in a colorful watering can will delight any gardener. If there is a special container desired, bring it to the florist and request to have the arrangement placed in it.

That is a wonderful way to present a homemade gift that has been carved, sculpted, painted, or blown by the giver of the flowers. There are so many beautiful flowers available that limiting the choice to just one type is a disadvantage. Explore all the possibilities and then decide.

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